REHM Plasma Machines

REHM Plasma Machines


Stationary plasma cutting systems for all metal-conducting materials

BARRACUDA RTC 60 – 100 – 150 - compact and powerful
Maximum efficiency and excellent cutting quality are particular features of the REHM plasma cutting machines. The models in the BARRACUDA range are equipped with the absolutely proven and patented REHM transistor high-power switches. Large power components and 100% tested quality guarantee the reliability of the models in the BARRACUDA range in the demanding conditions found in industry and trade works.

Through “thick and thin": Cuts all conductive metals
• Optimum cutting precision and quality through the use of precision-controlled, infinitely adjustable cutting current, high power reserves even at the critical area at the end of the cut, exact control using voltage compensation
• Maximum economy achieved through high cutting speed, excellent service life and perfect quality of cut
• Reliable ignition controlled by REHM-Zetronik, contactless ignition is also possible for hose pack lengths up to 20 m
• Long service life through switching off the controlled pilot current during cutting, soft start feature and finely controlled cutting current using a patented transistor module. Maximum safety for man and machine by monitoring the torch and wear parts with an active prior warning and automatic safety stop Continuous perforated plate cutting made possible by material-oriented high-speed pilot and cutting current control
• Simple handling due to the compact and portable design. Supplied with crane eyelets and REHM multifunction handle

Overview of the highlights

• Applications: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, and much more
• Quality cuts from 15 to 40 mm thickness
• Manual cutting (S235/S355) from material thicknesses of 22 to 50 mm
• Step less cutting current adjustment
• Available with crane eyelets as standard for convenient transport
• Safe ignition even with 20 m hose packs